Welcome to Caregiver Collaborative!

A dream born in a hospital waiting room & built on years of
experience in caregiving and supporting those who care.

We’re on a mission to support nontraditional caregivers who are underrepresented in the caregiving community by promoting caregiver wellness, empathy, and resilience, and by equipping caregivers with the tools they need to thrive.

Caregiver Collaborative started as a seed of an idea Erin had in a hospital waiting room in 2005, and grew stronger in 2011 when Erin’s mom passed away.
When Erin and Laura met in 2014, they quickly began dreaming of starting something of their own, filling a need, and doing something meaningful.

In 2021, in the middle of a global pandemic which once again highlighted the enormous need for services to support and guide an ever-growing community of those providing unpaid care for family members, friends, neighbors, and others they love, Laura and Erin finally decided to take the leap and form Caregiver Collaborative.

Our Values

We want ALL caregivers, but especially caregivers who don’t feel well represented in other spaces, to feel like they are a part of something bigger, and they belong here. We want to build a community that breeds compassion, empathy for others, and shows up with kindness and humor.

We believe that self-care is great, but it is often put into practice too late. Our goal is to help you build in daily practices to increase your ability to be resilient as you face the challenges and stressors of caregiving.

You can expect authentic and transparent stories around the realities of caregiving. We encourage others to show up in this community as their full self knowing they will be welcomed and respected.

We want to help you learn and grow, and feel like you have the tools and information you need to be the best version of yourself you can be, both inside your caregiving role and out. Educational information and the sharing of resources will help all of us to continue to grow and adapt to the ever changing world around us.

We want you to prioritize wellness, balance, and peace and will provide tools and tips to incorporate practices into your day that can help you reach these goals. When we are not well it is next to impossible to truly care for others in the way they need.